March 28, 2003:
David Perri of the McGill Daily gives Urban Safari thoughtful and rockin' review. 

February, 5, 2003:
Greg McKenna of the McGill Tribune reviews "Urban Safari" and gets you psyched for its release. 

"How Cool You Are": Poem by an anonymous adoring fan. 

"The Bear Trap: Something New":Young fan, Jared Coxford covers your favorite band for the Herzliah high school newspaper.

March, 26, 2002: Julien Lussier of Le Délit, McGill's French newspaper gives "you, me, we..." a rockin' sockin' review.

March, 15, 2002: Former Bear Left back-up singer, Jennifer Finnigan is up for a Day-Time Emmy. (We're not kidding! She's one of the lovely female voices in the background on our demo.)

February, 23, 2002: Sean Michaels, co-creator of internet variety site, reviews "you, me, we...".

January, 31, 2002:T'Cha Dunlevy of the Montreal Gazette comments on our album launch.

January, 28, 2002
: The McGill Daily features us on the eve of our album launch.

November 9, 2000: The McGill Daily reviews a Yellow Door show.

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